ancient dynosaur religion publicly funded by government, serving their own biased teachings...!

As of Aug. 8, at least 631 people have opted for a medically assisted death in Ontario since it became legal in June 2016, according to data provided by the provincial coroner's office.

Catholic Hospitals, etc...

While more than 630 Ontarians to date have legally ended their lives with the help of a nurse or doctor, none have been able to do so within the walls of a hospital that has historic ties to the Catholic Church.
But advocates for medically assisted dying argue that since these are public-funded health-care centres, they are bound to offer the option — even though Ontario law currently exempts any person or institution that objects.
It's legislation that Dying With Dignity Canada may challenge in court, according to the group's CEO.
"What Ontario did is they gave an opt-out to basic and essential health care to hospitals that don't want to provide for the dying," says chief executive Shanaaz Gokool.
Instead, the law states that the hospitals, hospices and long-term care centres unwilling to perform medically assisted death must transfer a patient to a facility that will. They must do the same in cases of abortion, which is also forbidden by the ethical guidelines set out by the Catholic Health Alliance of Canada. 



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